Our Agency

Cordell Harris Insurance is an independent insurance agent representing our customers and not the insurance companies.Established in 1981, Cordell Harris Insurance Agency Inc was founded on the philosophy of offering personal and professional service.
We believe that insurance is not a commodity and are passionate about the part that insurance plays in protecting you, your family and your investments.

  • We care that our clients have proper coverage
  • We care that our clients’ service needs are met in a manner they appreciate
  • We care that our clients receive competitive pricing in the market
  • We care that our clients’ insurance carrier will respond to a claim both respectfully and dutifully

We are relationship builders. People are our business. That’s what we do. It just so happens that the service we provide is insurance.

R. Deaton Smith III


Deaton Smith is a Financial Consultant with Thayer Financial. Deaton teams with Cordell Harris Insurance Agency to work with individuals and businesses providing comprehensive and personalized financial planning. He integrates a range of services and solutions, which include investment management, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance planning to meet all his client’s needs. Visit his website or call our office to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.